Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Salsa Eggs

6 eggs
1 red pepper (I like how red tastes but you can use any color)
2 tbls. salsa (I use Old El Paso - Medium)
2 slices fat free cheese
2 Weight Watcher's bagels
Dollop of Skim Milk (is a dollop an actual measurement)

Tabasco (optional - I like it spicy!)
Olive Oil
Garlic Salt
Spray Butter

1. Slice red pepper into strips
2. Sautee red pepper in a medium skillet until soft with olive oil and garlic salt
3. Combine egg whites, salsa, skim milk, and tabasco (optional)
4. Cook over medium heat until eggs are fluffy
5. Place one slice of cheese on each serving of eggs (makes 2 servings)
6. Serve eggs with WW bagel toasted and topped with spray butter

I make this little dish every Saturday and Sunday for my hubby and I. It is a filling and low cal way to really get us moving in the morning. Oh and did I mention it's YUMMY!


R. Shack said...

mmm sounds so yummy!
thanks for sharing

becklette said...

this is totally getting made for the mister this weekend. peppers? eggs? cheese? spicy? the man will think he's died and gone to heaven.