Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pasta Fagioli

1 box ditalini (1 lb)
1 can of garbanzo beans
1 can of canellini beans
1 can of tomato sauce (15 oz can)

3 celery stalks
1 garlic clove

olive oil
Peccorino (grated spaghetti) cheese

1. Chop up celery and garlic
2. Cook Ditalini as directed on the box (salt the water once it boils with about a tablespoon of salt)
3. In a large pot, sautee celery and garlic
4. Add tomato sauce to sauteed celery and garlic
5. Let it simmer to get the flavoring in the sauce
6. Add cooked ditalini, cannellini beans, and garbanzo beans
7. Let cook together until heat is throughout the beans
8. Add about 2 tbls. of Peccorino Cheese
9. Serve with Peccorino and use to taste

Pasta fagioli or Pasta e fagioli, meaning "pasta and beans," is a traditional meatless Italian peasant dish

This dish is STUPID EASY and FAST to make. But it tastes AWESOME! Honestly this is a family staple in our house. My mom makes it all the time and now I make it all the time. Simple, fast, Italian. To change it up sometimes I throw in an extra can of beans (Kidney beans) and add a little 8oz can of sauce to make sure there is enough juice. It's so yummy I may have to make it tonight!

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R. Shack said...

sans the cheese and it'll be vegan... and a way for me to mix up my garbanzo bean use... YUM... thanks